Aspire Multimedia & Photography


Photography is an Art, a Passion, a Moment, and Truly an Investment in Time.

Please contact us concerning prices.  Every situation is unique and should be priced as such.

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Master File Package    $1000

**(based on 25 routines, ~1.5hr. show)**
Your recital is is captured by 1 videographer on professional grade video equipment. 

1080p Mastered to a digital file, fully chaptered with your custom image at the start of the production with date and location of event.

Each performance has a transition with dance routine title.

Audio is recorded from straight board feed when available.



Additional Add-Ons

1 Minute Recital Reel   $75                           Your Custom Studio Logo    $20

         Perfect for sharing on Social Media with your Custom Logo.                   Have your Studio Logo on your video, so if shared, can be credited to your studio!


Titles with Extra Info   $7 each                           Convenient Digital Link    $200

Additional information on title: choreographer/student names                 Studio receives a link for the Master File for 30 days to share with the studio.

Multiple show packages vary.  Please contact me for additional information.