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*** Please Note: Any Gallery ending with * have not been fully edited for exposure correction. Lighting at the front corners were underexposed. If ordered, they will be corrected as best as possible as they have been in over half the routines in the gallery. Thank You! ***
Routine 44-Growing Pains-1-Routine 44-Growing Pains-2-Routine 44-Growing Pains-3-Routine 44-Growing Pains-4-Routine 44-Growing Pains-5-Routine 44-Growing Pains-6-Routine 44-Growing Pains-7-Routine 44-Growing Pains-8-Routine 44-Growing Pains-9-Routine 44-Growing Pains-10-Routine 44-Growing Pains-11-Routine 44-Growing Pains-12-Routine 44-Growing Pains-13-Routine 44-Growing Pains-14-Routine 44-Growing Pains-15-Routine 44-Growing Pains-16-Routine 44-Growing Pains-17-Routine 44-Growing Pains-18-Routine 44-Growing Pains-19-Routine 44-Growing Pains-20-