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Are you a dance studio or all-star gym owner searching for professional, high quality photography to remember your season? Whether it is your end of year dance recital photography or end of season all star photography we will capture professional, high- quality images!

As a studio or gym owner you can be confident knowing that you are bringing in an experienced photographer who will capture beautiful images of your athlete’s season. Parents will love our packages, specialty products and the professionalism we pride ourselves on delivering!

We offer top notch customer service, professional grade equipment, ability to view photos on site, reliability and prints are always on high quality, professional grade photo paper. Our staff handles set up, monetary transactions, advertising, photographing, printing and take down.

We specialize in high-key, white background photography of individuals, classes and teams. Please feel free to browse through our galleries of dance and all-star gym photography and see for yourselves the wonderful images we’ve captured throughout the years.

*** Remember.. Book Early.. Dates Fill Up Fast! ***
If you’d like more information on booking us for all of your photography needs please contact us via phone or e-mail and we will be happy to discuss what we can offer you and your parents!